Video Production in Bend Oregon

We live in a beautiful place surrounded by many majestic mountains, streams, and lakes. I've lived here most of my life and like to think I've experienced all that Central Oregon has to offer. Spending most of my production days in an office made me wish I could be spending the days outside making more movies. Which is in part why I created Future Filmworks.

My love for video production started when I was a kid. Often making silly movies with friends or stop motion animation with our toys. I remember making snowboarding videos in my first video production class at Bend High School in 1995 even though I went to Mt. View. This elective class was awesomeness and we would travel to Bend High every morning for it. I'm so grateful that we had that class because I don't think it would have experienced the awesomeness that is linear editing. Now, I love telling a story and seeing the finished project on a big screen TV.

It's often hard to say, "We're done, this is it", and it seems there is always something you wish you could change about any edit. Video is an evolving creature that keeps you coming back for more revisions it seems. But there comes a point where you just have to step away and accept the creation which you just brought to life.


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